Avant Home Secures Site in Cullingworth Near Bradford

Dec 28, 2022 | Real Estate | 0 comments

Avant Home, a leading developer of new homes in the North of England, is pleased to announce that it has secured a site in Cullingworth near Bradford. This exciting development will be the first of its kind and will bring much needed housing to the area

This new development is an important step for Avant Home in its mission to provide quality homes across the North of England. The new site will include 64 two-bedroom apartments, each designed with modern living in mind and featuring open plan layouts, contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, en-suite shower rooms, and off-road parking. All apartments are designed around energy efficiency standards and incorporate intelligent design features such as solar panels and water recycling systems

The site will also feature communal green spaces including a dedicated play area for children and a communal garden area with seating space for residents. In addition, there will be a secure bike storage space, allowing residents to safely store their bicycles when not in use. For added convenience, the development will also include on-site laundry facilities as well as a concierge service for parcel delivery and collection

Avant Home is committed to creating sustainable communities that are built with quality materials and are designed with people’s needs at the forefront. This commitment extends beyond just providing housing; Avant Home is working hard to ensure that this development brings job opportunities for local people through construction work and services like landscaping and gardening

Avant Home is thrilled to have secured this new site in Cullingworth near Bradford. This project marks an important milestone for us as we continue our mission of providing quality homes across the North of England. We look forward to bringing these much-needed housing options to the area while creating valuable job opportunities within the community along the way. We’re excited about this project coming to fruition!

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